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I worked with Marina for 3 days on 4 locations and would love to work with her again : she has everything a professional model should have : natural beauty, acting talent, reliability and excellent posing. On top of that she was able to do her own make-up, which was very fortunate because our MUA did not show up. After my return to Belgium I found out that Marina hardly needs any Photoshop retouching : skin and make-up were fabulous, even at 200%.

Ansgar Luig

I worked with Marina during June 2014 on various locations and tremendously enjoyed every minute of it. Marina is highly professional attitude combined with her own creativity has resulted in magnificent photography. Her fearlessness to try new ideas together with her own high standards helped me and pushed my photography to new levels. During our shoots not everything went according to plan, however, as the truly professional person Marina is, she helped overcoming the challenges. I can highly recommend Marina, especially for photographers who enjoy the creative process which results in close interaction with the model.

Peter O’Neill

Marina Vlaykova has all the talents and professionalism needed from a top photographic model. She is 100% reliable, professional in front of the camera, has a wonderful sense of humour and is extremely creative. I never tire of working with her and would recommend her to any professional photographer.


Bjørn Kroghsbo

Marina is equipped with a wonderful fearlessness in relation to taking on new challenges and in seeking solutions that are both results-oriented and creative. She has a very quick perception and an equally quick reply prepared in response to any kind of communication. Marina also has a highly developed sense of humor that certainly will keep you from getting bored in her company.
If you like a fun, active, cheerful girl who does not hide her light under a bushel, Marina definitely possess the personality that you are looking for and you will enjoy working with her for sure. If you look for mainstream solutions or if you feel uncomfortable in some qualified response … look elsewhere!


Vihren Sapundzhiev

Marina is one of my favorite models. Working with her is really easy and professional. She takes seriously and responsibly every photoshoot. She has an open, positive and extroverted personality that makes her wonderful to communicate with.


Adrian Falconer

I had the pleasure working with Marina for the first time back in June 2013 when I attended a week’s photo-shoot at Photo Model Holidays in Bulgaria from the UK. Marina is very professional, hardworking, full of inspiration and she has lots of ideas to work with. She needed very little, (if any), direction from me for the shoot. She is very patient keeping positions a few times untill I got the shot right. During the shoot I kept Marina up to date by showing the photographs that I had taken which was great for her as she worked tirelessly to come up with outstanding shots. I do hope to work with her again and would, absolutely without question, recommend Marina to any Photographer or Agency who would like to work with her. I wish Marina all the very best in life and her modelling path.